Gateway Church Fareham

Vision & Values

Vision and Values

A growing community demonstrating Christ’s love to our neighbours

We are a community that sees life as a journey and understand that in God’s big story, we each have a role to play.  This means that we each take personal responsibility for how we live our lives and use what we have been given.  We desire to embrace the adventure, the discovery and the creativity that life brings.  None of us would claim to have ‘arrived’ and so we learn from God and each other with a shared aim, to grow together.

We are a community that is like a big family where all ages are heard, valued and welcome.  It is our desire, in this unified family, that we are real with each other, providing a place of belonging, acceptance, unconditional love and respect.

We are a community that puts Jesus at the centre of our lives.  Jesus has shown us what God is like by living among us and demonstrating His love in a personal and practical way.  We believe that to follow his example of love is the best form of worship and the only way to live.  It is through the person of the Holy Spirit that we can encounter Jesus today.

We are a community that love people, all people.  For us this is about being filled, inspired and sent by the Holy Spirit into everyday life to bring God’s unconditional love to those we encounter.

We are a community called to action.  Faith without works is dead and so we seek to be involved.  It is our desire to serve, demonstrate and generously live lives that bring glory to God and bring His influence and transformation to the world around us.