Fareham Community Church

The Alpha Course

Explore: life, faith, meaning

Alpha is a chance to chat through some of life’s biggest questions –  in a relaxed friendly and enjoyable setting. Every evening is slightly  different, but always includes good food and great company.

The Alpha sessions at Fareham Community Church take place in our Cafe, ‘Imbizo’  (in West Street, Fareham). To find out more or register your interest, email the FCC alpha team, or call 01329 829121.

Alpha courses usually meet for 10 weeks, with each week based around a different topic; for example  week 1 considers the question ‘Is there more to life than this?’ while week 2 asks “Who is Jesus?”. Other topics include; “Why Jesus died”, “How to pray”,  “Does God heal today?” and the Holy Spirit.

Firstly, we watch a video to help us explore the topic. There will then be an opportunity to chat in small groups, give your view point and ask questions.

To watch the videos at home click here

24 million people world wide have now been to an Alpha course. This is Beth’s story..

Is there more to life than this? The Alpha course is a place to explore some of life's big questions Where am I going? Does God care? Contact Us