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Praying for those in authority

As I write this on Wednesday morning, I have Today’s analysis of Boris Johnson’s press conference ringing in my ears.  What do the new restrictions mean for us, our families, the country?  Will we, the sixty-seven million English citizens, abide by them, or not?  And will these measures really be sufficient to curb the spread of the virus, or should we be more like Scotland?  The current situation presents so many challenges!  Never have I felt my freedom so limited; never have I struggled so much with the conflicting desires to follow government regulations and to do what I consider best for our family and those around us.  It’s a bewildering and painful time for everyone, isn’t it? 

I also read yesterday a disturbing report from James regarding the school building project in Sierra Leone, which has been undertaken by Practical Tools Initiative, with support from FCC.  The land allocated for the project was forcibly taken by a government minister for her own personal use and she has sent people in during the night to demolish the pillars which were erected as part of the building’s early phase.  James has recently been to Sierra Leone and held meetings with ministers and delivered letters to those in authority to try to reverse these unjust actions but whether this will make a difference is far from certain. 

Government, in these days, is dominating our lives in so many ways.  Therefore, it is more important than ever that we pray for those in authority.  They are flawed human beings, as are we all, and they need the wisdom, the justice, and the compassion, of God if they are to make good decisions on our behalf.  And we also need to pray for those among us, who, like James, are seeking to stand up for justice when there is none – let’s particularly join together over the next few weeks in praying for a just outcome in the school situation. 

Lastly, let’s pray for one another, with the more restrictive measures coming into force again, that we will continue to be able to find ways to connect with those we love and to have the mental and emotional resilience we need to not only survive but to contribute all we can to supporting one another through this incredibly challenging time. 

Remembering that God is still on his throne and working his purposes out, our eyes are on Him and our prayers are with you all. 


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