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God’s wonderful provision

After what Caroline wrote last week, to encourage us all to be asking those questions “what dreams do we have; what is in our heart when we think of being light in a dark world?”, here are some more stories that have inspired me this week.

When we popped into Crafty Makery the other day, we found Shane overwhelmed again by God’s provision.  First, he told us about the mentoring project they want to develop for those, especially young people, who are finding themselves unemployed at this time, giving help with CV writing, numeracy and literacy.  This means they need computers.  A man came in and, hearing about this, returned the next day with three refurbished ones.  Just like that!  So, now what they need is some people who can give some time to help with the mentoring.  There’s a great opportunity for some Kingdom of God serving and sowing!

But that’s not all, a widower who was clearing out his wife’s craft room came in and asked if Shane would be interested in having some of her kit.  “Yes please,” he said and went off to get a carload – except it turned out to be three carloads of mostly unopened craft materials.  An amazing and very timely gift!  More of God’s blessing as Shane pursues being light in the darkness.

The third story is from James and Practical Tools Initiative (PTI).  Earlier this year, PTI did a project drilling boreholes to provide clean water to a village of people disabled during Sierra Leone’s civil war.  On Tuesday, PTI received two drilling rigs, donated by a Welsh company.  Having their own rigs will halve the cost of future water projects and mean they can do more of them!  PTI has always been faithful with the provision they receive and now God is calling them to be faithful with more, as they seek to bring a practical expression of God’s Kingdom order to Sierra Leone.

It reminded me of Matthew 5 where Jesus says: “You are the light of the world”, and John 9 where he says “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world“.  I can skim over these familiar words but, this time, I paused.  It struck home afresh that now we, as citizens of God’s Kingdom, are sent to the world as the light of the world, and where light is, darkness is dispelled! Shane and James are responding to what God has put in their heart – to be light in the world – and are seeing God’s goodness pursue them, giving them stories to build their faith and encourage ours. 

We are the light of the world, especially in difficult and dark times.  Christ in us brings light to others through us as we respond to the dreams and compassion in our hearts.  So, I urge you to think again about those questions I began with and seek ways to spread the love and hope of the Kingdom of God where you are. 

Perhaps you have some recent stories of God blessing you, as you have sought to be light in the darkness.  They may not seem as dramatic as those of Shane and James, but they are significant to God.  If so, we’d love you to share them with us so we can encourage one another, spurring each other on to the good works God has prepared in advance for us to do!



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