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Jottings from my chair

This inspiring reflection, written by a member of FCC who is isolating on her own, originally appeared in the April newsletter.

At the beginning of lockdown, as family and I thought being ‘home alone’ was the better option for me, I was considering ways of communicating with other people. Thoughts like: “How will I cope?” or, “I can’t be on my own for 12 weeks!” or, “What about shopping, doctors, dentist?”etc., etc. I’m sure we all had many differing thoughts as the news sunk in, realising that this was for the long haul, for the safety of others, and that we should really do what had been asked of us. Pondering this,I felt a nudge to turn my chair in the bay window towards the street, instead of it facing into the room. Simple you say, but I had no idea how God would bless me through this seemingly little thing.

In those early days of lockdown, God seemed to be bringing Psalm 91 to mind everywhere I looked and talked with people; I found so many of the verses wrapped me around in His love.

Looking out of my window, I saw a camellia bush – it was flowering, but a lot of the blooms, usually white, were turning brown because of the cold wind. As I looked, I saw a flower deep in the foliage, sheltered from the wind, a perfect white flower (no trace of brown). What a picture for me! God showed me how I could be deep in his love and provision – all in Psalm 91.

Then, I noticed that children had put pictures of rainbows in many of the homes in our street – symbols of hope. “Come on, you can do this!” I said. So, out came the paints and now there is a rainbow in my window.

Next, I thought “I’m praying for people passing by, and for those in my street”, so I made a praying hands motif with a heart underneath to put in the window.

Then, the teddies! I had heard that children were doing a walk to find teddies, so two teddies found their way to my window, one of which is carrying a little one – just another picture of God’s care for us. 

And, of course, I mustn’t forget ‘the special people’ passing by, who will knock on my window for a little chat through it as I sit in my chair – what a blessing!
Yes, I’ve had some medical and dental issues, as I mentioned in my list of concerns at the beginning of this missive, but God is so faithful through all of this. My family are not in my house, but oh so close and I thank God for them. So, if you’re feeling alone, or fearful, as I’m sure many of us are from time to time, call out to God. He IS faithful and loves you so. May God show you ways to ‘turn your chairs around’ in this very different journey we are on at the moment.

Much love (xx)

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